We offer a DPF, CAT and SCR cleaning service for blocked units. Get in contact to book a slot and then either drop your blocked unit off in person or mail it to us for a full clean.

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Our technology is different from any others on the market because as it allows us to clean all kinds of particulate filters for cars, buses, trucks and catalysts of large trucks (SCR) without any of the disadvantages that result from other methods. Before the cleaning process is started we pressure test and flow test each unit, after the cleaning process we perform the tests again to get an after reading. This is then included on your receipt to show the difference cleaning has made.

Our Flash Cleaner Machine compared to other cleaning methods

Our Flash Cleaning Method

Flash Cleaner Machine


The filter is connected to our machine without the need of cutting or welding. We can even leave any sensors attached to give them a clean too without causing any damage.

Total removal of particulate matter

Removal of oil residuals

Removal of cerium residuals

Efficient cleaning of all types of particulate filter and catalysts.

Safety of the filter

Preservation of the noble metals of the DPF

Easy, fast and environmentally friendly due to our unique filtration system


Other Cleaning Methods

Heat Treatment


Requires cutting the DPF and placing into an oven which reaches temperatures of 700°C burning the residual carbon. It then has to be welded.

Removes most Particulate matter deposits.

Due to cutting & welding, there is a risk of damaging the integrity of the filter

Risk of damage to noble metals due to thermal shock

Cerium melting within DPF walls due to high temperatures

Ultrasonics Treatment


DPF is submerged into an ultrasonic water tank. The DPF is exposed to extreme temperatures and pressure. These conditions cause microbubbles to implode meaning the particulate matter detaches from the filter substrates.

Deep clean of the filter cells

Poor efficiency

Risk of filter damage due to extreme vibrations generated by the process and implosions of micro bubbles

Chemical Additives


Chemical additives are added into the fuel which melt burning residuals inside the engine during combustion. These will then be passed out through the exhaust pipe.

Cheap & simple

Not effective and is a short term solution. The residuals are not eliminated properly. The additive used can also add to more blockages with the filter.


Whether you have a fleet of Vans, Taxis, Lorries or Plant equipment we can help you with your DPF problems. If you are a fleet operator who is looking for a fast and professional solution to your DPF problems please contact us for a tailor made package.

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